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Silk Rally Radio was started in the early 1990's by a group of BRMC Rally Marshals

who thought that they would try a different aspect of their preferred sport.

This doesn't mean that all we do is sit in our cars all day keeping dry and warm whilst all the other marshals look on enviously.

Whilst some of this does occur, we all spent more days doing non-radio rally marshaling, be it stage timekeeping

or up to our knees in mud half way up a mountain with the weather traveling horizontally. 

What grew out of an email list to keep each other up to date regarding events has now expanded

to provide information to other Motor Clubs, other Marshals, rally radio groups, regional MSA radio co-ordinators,

licensed rescue units, licensed recovery units, and event organising teams from Scotland to Cornwall.

Additionally the Calendar pages continually expand to cover non-rally events, such as

circuit, road rally, auto-test, 4x4, hill climbs, etc.

Please feel free to roam around the site, which will continue to change and expand as more information becomes available.

Oh, the Silkworm. Well the town of Macclesfield is famous for it's silk industry.


Who are these strange people with SILK Callsigns ?

Is there a face associated?


Katie Hinchliffe

SILK 1   

Ali Boulderstone

SILK 2   

Glyn Williams

SILK 3   

Angela & Ian Briggs

SILK 3 a

Helen & Philip Marsh

SILK 4   

Jon & Jill MacArthur

SILK 5   

Jon Aston

SILK 6   

Ian Clare

SILK 7   

Margaret & Tony Johnston

SILK 8   

Derek Machin

SILK 9   

Adrian Jones


Richard Hinchliffe
SILK 11 Pam Sowden
SILK 12 Jenny & Bob Sowden-Lee
SILK 14 Garry Holmes
SILK 15 Roy Pilkington
SILK 16 Kenn Almond
SILK 17 Rick Hussey
SILK 18 Gary Taylor
SILK 19 Eddie & Mary Parsons
SILK 20 Alan Farrimond
SILK 21  
SILK 22 Nigel Watwood
SILK 23 Justin Moran
SILK Graham Graham Hammersley (RIP)
SILK Jo Jo Sowden (RIP)

Christmas Party 2000

Christmas Party 2001

Christmas Party 2002

Christmas Party 2003

Christmas Party 2004

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