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Good radio communication can perform an essential function on many motorsport events. 

It can provide the Clerk of the Course with vital information regarding both the administration and safety of the event

as well as providing a link between doctors, medical crews and rescue units. 

The MSA has its own licensed Safety and Medical frequency on 81.5750 Mhz FM which motor clubs can use on their events and its use is set out in the Blue Book. 

In order to be able to use radios on an event a number of important points have to be taken into consideration.

  • Types of two way radio communication
    The Blue Book recommends that a secure frequency is used to ensure the privacy of information and it is for this reason the MSA has its own Safety and Medical frequency.  This is also the frequency that MSA licensed rescue, recovery units, and doctors use.  Other PMR hire frequencies can be used, however these sets are normally available only as handheld units and for forest events are unsuitable.

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    Regional Co-ordinators are appointed by the MSA and part of their function is to provide information and assistance to motor clubs wishing to use radios on events. 

    The name of the person that covers your area can be found in the MSA's Blue Book.or via


  • Obtaining radios
    There are many MSA affiliated groups who provide radios and equipment which meet the current Department of Trade and Industry specifications (now adminstered by OFCOM) for use on motorsport events.  Contacting your local MSA Radio Co-ordinator will enable you to find the nearest group to your event.
  • Operators
    The MSA affiliated groups mentioned above can usually provide both radios and trained motorsport operators to assist the organisers of events.
  • Using your own operators
    Radio groups always welcome new members and can provide the necessary training to ensure that operators are confident and competent in the use of radios on motorsport events.  However in the beginning it may be advisable to use their expertise and personnel since it may not be possible for you to provide sufficient radio operators as well as all the other functions of the event.
  • Radio controllers

    Since the MSA frequency is a simplex system, i.e. only one person can talk at any one time, the use of a radio controller is recommended.  This person acts as the link between all the radios.  In the case of rallies where there are hills between radio locations, operators cannot always hear each other, but can always hear the controller.  The Regional Radio Co-ordinators can also provide a list of licenced radio controllers, some of whom will be able to assist in the provision of the radios and personnel


  • Rules and regulations
    It is a condition of the licence which the MSA holds that the DTI is informed of all the locations, call signs and usage of the MSA Safety and Medical frequency.  It is important to inform both the Regional Radio Coordinator in whose area your event takes place as well as the DTI a minimum of fourteen days before the event.  Once again your local Regional Radio Co-ordinator will be able to help you with these formalities.

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