Using Radios

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Radio Frequency   Radio Usage    Reception Levels

Radio Frequencies

Rally = 81.5750 MHz FM

Race = 169 . 3375 MHz FM

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Radio Usage

=> Check the radio is on and is set on the correct channel. 

=> Set the 'squelch', if this is not done automatically. Turn the squelch knob up until you get continual "white noise", then turn the knob back until the noise just stops.

=> On some events with several stages close together, check to make sure which Control your stage is working through.

=> Once you have reported in to control (radio check), do not leave your radio unattended.

=> Use the appropriate frequency for that event (or your stage / duty)

=> Remember that use of Race Frequency to talk between units at major Rallies, where the MSA's A, B and C radio channels are in use can interfere with event communications.

=> Listen before you speak - others may have greater need of the airwaves.

=> Keep messages short and to the point, speaking only when necessary or when spoken to. (Remember that when using the radio, communications may be monitored by the DTI and there almost certainly will be a spectator with a scanner).

=> Use your callsign and go through the radio Controller.

=> Think about what you want to say BEFORE your depress the PTT (push to talk) button, pause, then speak across the microphone rather than into it so as to avoid the noise of your breath distorting the transmission.

=> Clear the airwaves as soon as possible. If you don't know the answer to a question, say so, or ask the Control to "wait one" while you find out.

=> If you have a long message - particularly one that includes a list or information which needs to be written down in full - say "Break", pause for Control to note what you have said and to collect your thoughts, then continue.

REMEMBER radios consume power. If you are in a vehicle you'll need to run the engine regularly to recharge your battery.

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Reception Levels

=> Judge the standard of reception and respond accordingly.

=> Don't say "Loud and clear" simply because that is what you always say. 

=> On rallies, in particular, the system of reporting signal strength and clarity is on a scale of 1 to 5.  (with 1 being very poor/unreadable and 5 being loud and clear).

=> "Reading you fives" is the equivalent of loud and clear. Control will reply to you if your signal to them is not of similar strength or clarity. If reception of Control by you is not loud and clear, adjust your reply accordingly.

=> Be prepared to move to improve reception. Quite often a couple of feet to the side or back/forward can make a significant difference.

=> Check the signal strength of other radio callsigns within your area, it may be necessary for you to relay messages either for them to Control or by them for your messages to Control.

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