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Just there to drag the wrecks out of stage ? ...... think again. 

You'll often find that Recovery will be working in very closely in conjunction with the Rescue/Medical team (s), be it stopping the car sliding further down the hill or standing by with extinguishers, so as to allow the Medics to safely do their job. 

And don't just think it's one way, as the Rescue Units will wait after the Stage has finished until such times as the Recovery Operators have removed every car from the stage. (Whilst crews might be able to walk away from an 'incident' it can take several hours of hard dangerous work for the care to be recovered).

Next time you see them at a Stage Start and you have enough time, try going over and introducing yourself. They are proud of their skills and equipment, so a few minutes chat and getting to know them can often pay dividends later.

To find out more please visit 

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For links to a comprehensive list of Recovery Operators, please visit the Volunteers in Motorsport website (Specialist Marshals)

for more details on Recovery please contact the MSA via their website

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