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In Loving Memory of

Graham Hammersley

Died 21st July 2002

Aged 56 years

An active Marshal for many years Graham could usually be found undertaking Start Line duties at Oulton Park, though he was known to travel further a field and undertake other duties and easily recognisable in his blue Subaru Jacket, well before they became to marketing accessory they later became.

Speaking of travelling further a field if there was a rally on which interested any of the BRMC North Region / SILK Rally Radio marshals, he could usually be found quietly parked up in a forest running a junction, sector, or doing time keeping.

It's on the longer multi-day rallies that people really got to know Graham and his dry sense of humour, because it allowed every one to relax in a bar and his fun side to shine through, irrespective as to whether he was having a drink or on one of his tea total periods.

If you didn't encounter Graham at Oulton or in a rally stage, you'll certainly of been passed by him on the road. His collection of cars over the years, usually with his distinctive 555 HAM plate.

One of the more memorable of these being one of the first Scooby Series McRea's in the country. It was alright for a while, though rumours of Pro-drive doing upgrades soon had him talking with the engineers on one of our many Pro-drive test days outside Banbury. Culmination being that after disappearing with their engineers in their test / development car his own car was booked in the following week for the 'full monty' of engine, chip, intercooler, brakes, suspension, etc. one of the first such cars in the UK

Such was the rarity of the resulting car, before Pro-drive made the modifications available to the general public, that his own car was regularly 'borrowed' by his local Main Agent as a demo. Well if you are away HGV driving all week it's one way of ensuring your car is safe, fully serviced, and full valeted regularly, no fool our Graham.

Of the rest a number of M-sport BMW's, turbo Audi's, and a variety of quick road cars featured over the years, all pedalled indecently quickly when the opportunity arose away from built up areas or through rally stages.

There was also another side to Graham that few got to see, particularly his growing love of gardening. Something that became more of a passion than motorsport. He was equally comfortable with fellow marshals, gardeners, and apparently disparate individuals or groups around his many locals.

Some one greatly missed, not least by his immediate family, with only a fraction of people who knew or worked with him managing to fill Macclesfield Crematorium Chapel on Monday 29th July 2002 when we said our last goodbye.

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